Welcome to c/o Markaryd
“A little guide for big adventures”

About us

c/o Markaryd is an economic association whose purpose is to strengthen the attractiveness of Markaryd as a residential and tourist destination.

We also strive to promote the development of local trade, service, industry and tourism.

During summer we open Markaryds Tourist Center in the station house.

The Best Business Climate in the Country

We stick together in Markaryd, we build stable links between the municipality and the companies.

Pågatåg, the European Route E4 and Free Parking!

The Pågatåg regional train will quickly take you to the connecting point in Hässleholm and then on towards the south/north. Park your car in Markaryd, where you park free of charge wherever you are. Via the European route E4 you will come far down the continent in one morning. For planning your trip, see or

c/o Markaryd