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Service Facilities

We in Markaryd care about the well-being of our visitors and offer a wide range of different types of services. We will assist you in case you need emergency health care, practical help for jump starting your car or help when it is time to renew a medical prescription.


If you or anyone dear to you becomes ill, you can come to our health centres:
Health Care Centre in Markaryd 0433 – 56 41 00
Gränsbygdskliniken Vård AB 0433 – 123 46
Health Care Centre in Strömsnäsbruk 0433 – 56 48 16
For life-threatening conditions call 112 and for 24-hour health care advice call 1177.

The most common non-prescription pharmaceutical products such as fever-reducing medication, blister band aids, etc. are available at our pharmacies, grocery stores and at certain manned petrol stations.

Emergency Rescue Service

The fire department is on Västergatan 12 in Markaryd. The task leader can be called at 0433-722 28. For more information about our activities read here

Räddningstjänsten Markaryd
Räddningstjänsten Markaryd
Markaryds centrum


The municipality of Markaryd has, together with different contributors, stationed defibrillators in a number of different places. Keep an eye out for the sign to know where your closest defibrillator is should the need arise.

hjärtstartare Markaryd

The Markaryd Police

Call 112 when necessary
Telephone 11414
From abroad +46 77 114 14 00

Visiting address:  Drottninggatan 9
Postal address: Box 101, 285 23 Markaryd

For information about passport applications or for formal complaints, visit the Police’s own website.

Other service

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