There is a large selection of accommodations in Markaryd. Hotels in the middle of the town, B&B in the forests of Småland, hostels or accommodations on a farm with self-catering close to nature. Sleep well in Markaryd.


Butik Markaryd


There are several farms around Markaryd that offer accommodations. Some of these have their own farm shops and serve local produce for breakfast. Children are usually particularly eager to see the farms’ animals.

fårsläpp smålandet sånna gård
boende i markaryd villa hus i markaryd

Living in Markaryd

The people of Markaryd and the Japanese are the oldest in the world! We like to believe that this is because of our good climate to stay and live in. There is plenty of space for all! If you and your family are looking for future accommodations, perhaps a site to build on, do not hesitate to contact the municipal real estate council or our local real estate agents.